About Antonia

Antonia has been teaching yoga for over 10 years. She specializes in back problems, pregnancy and birth, postnatal recovery and asthma. She is also trained to adapt yoga practices for people with a wide range of health considerations.


  • Sports Massage Therapist (London School of Sports Massage) 1996

  • Yoga Therapist (Yoga Biomedical Trust) 2003

  • Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth (Yoga Biomedical Trust, Birthlight)2001

  • Baby Yoga (Sitaram Partnership)2005

  • Children's Yoga (Yogabugs) 2009


Antonia lives in Dulwich with her young family


About the Classes

Antonia's classes are warm and friendly. She teaches a flowing style of yoga, connecting the breath with movement to strengthen and free the body and calm the mind. She is always aware of the needs of the individual.

Current timetable
at Lido

Antonia is currently training as a school teacher and is not teaching yoga at the moment.