Before & After Pregnancy

Postnatal Yoga with Babies

These classes are friendly and relaxed. Babies can be fed, changed, cuddled and allowed to sleep whenever they need.

The classes are light hearted, playful and social. For the babies they include rhythmical movements, massage, passive stretching, singing and watching mum (carer).

For the mums, the aim is to recover some strength, regain vitality and improve posture. Time for relaxation is incorporated into each class.


Pregnancy Class
Postnatal & Baby Yoga

Antonia is currently training as a school teacher and is not teaching yoga at the moment.


After Pregnancy

For up to a year after birth,the pelvis and lower back are vulnerable to injury. The upper back is prone to stooping and stiffness because of lifting and carrying babies. Come along to the healthy back class. Tone up your tummy, relax your back and shoulders and realign your pelvis.


Healthy Back Class